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USB-JTAG XDS100v2 isolated interface



The CDA03-JTAG2 provides isolated JTAG access to Texas Instruments JTAG based devices. It is based on the reference design USB-JTAG interface XDS100v2 emulator from Texas Instruments .

The device provides the user a direct access between the host computer and the Texas Instruments JTAG devices using the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Interface.

The CDA03-JTAG2 is compatible with the free version from TI CCS programming and debugging IDE software.

Main features

  • Isolated USB-JTAG access to TI devices
  • Real-time emulation
  • Programming
  • Based on XDS100v2 design
  • Compatible with CCS
  • No drivers needed

Application and usage

  • Code downloading and programing for TI JTAG based devices
  • Flash programming
  • Real-time code debugging with CCS


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