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F28M36 general purpose control board

The CDA01-CU4 is a general purpose control board based on the F28M36 Concerto microcontroller from Texas Instruments for control and automation applications and, allows you to implement complex control algoritgms in any converter topology.

  • 24 ADC, 4 DAC (12bit)
  • 24 PWM + 12 Fault
  • 12 isolated digital input
  • 12 isolated digital output
  • Bridged and isolated CAN and RS-485
  • USB, Ethernet and microSD
  • RTC, EEPROM and Temperature


10 kVA, 400 V, 15 A Three phase voltage source converter

The PCO-10T800 is a versatile three phase power electronics platform allowing designers to implement the most common power converter topologies in a digital control environment. Implementable configurations include AC-DC reversible active front-end or DC-

  • 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms
  • 800 VDC
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Isolated drivers (UVLO, desat)
  • Isolated current and voltage measurements
  • Isolated I/O for external control functions
  • Power module with solder-free spring contact technology for fast and easy repair