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teknoCEA participates in the MultiportGrid project

The project Cross-Sectoral Energy Control through Interconnected Microgrids by Multiport Converter provides innovative solutions for grid interconnection at different voltage levels

The local distribution grids have been facing not only technical but also economic and regulatory challenges, because of the increased integration of renewable generation and electrification of vehicles. The traditional solutions to the grid expansion, e.g. to build an additional power line, are utility-centred solutions, i.e. the distribution grid operators (DSOs) are the only party being involved to tackle grid issues. This has to be changed! The DSOs have to engage grid users together with technology providers in order to develop innovative solutions, which should not only tackle one problem but overcome several problems in a cost-efficient way. This projectaims to develop a holistic solution to optimally control cross-sectoral energy flow between different energy carriers and demands within the electricity, transport and heat sector, assisted by developing an innovative multiport converter with innovative energy storage solutions by a multidisciplinary team.

Este proyecto ha recibido financiación de la ERA-NET RegSys con cofinanciación de CDTI y del Programa Marco de Investigación e Innovación, Horizonte 2020, de la Unión Europea.

F28M35 general purpose control board

The CDA01-CU3 is a general purpose control board based on the F28M35 Concerto microcontroller from Texas Instruments for control and automation applications, and allows you to implement complex control algorithms in any converter typology.

  • Texas Instruments F28M35 DSP
  • Directly connect up to three PCO-10T800 power converters
  • 20 ADC inputs (12 bit)
  • 4 DAC outputs (12 bit)
  • 14 PWM outputs + 3 error inputs
  • Fiber optic PWM sync I/O
  • 8 isolated digital inputs
  • 8 isolated digital outputs
  • Bridged and isolated RS-485 and CAN
  • USB and Ethernet portsRTC, EEPROM and microSD
  • JTAG interface emulator

IEC 61238 connector short-circuit testing system

IEC 61238 connectors testing system is a scalable and modular equipment allows to test the connectors with accuracy according to IEC 61238 standard giving a solution to all the technical issues of the past

  • Based on power electronics & energy storage technology
  • Scalable; Modules of 1300 Arms
  • Fully digital closed loop controlled current output
  • Custom HMI interface
  • 20 kW power consumption
  • Time & temperature stop event

IDPR wins the CEEC award in the category most emerging product

This year, the “Clúster de l'Energia Eficient de Catalunya (CEEC)” who celebrates its 10th anniversary have organized again the “nit de la Eficiència Energètica“award ceremony.

They granted the most emergingproject and product. TeknoCEA, together with CITCEA-UPC and Estabanell Energia,won the award with the Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR) in theproduct category.

This product had emerged from the Smart Rural Grid project fundedby EU. TeknoCEA, spin-off of CITCEA-UPC, is completely improving the IDPR and startingthe manufacturing process. The IDPR is a modular and easilyintegrable power electronic device that provides several services to consumers,prosumers, and electrical suppliers and distributors enabling the integrationof renewable energy and EVs in the electrical grid. This award encourages stronglyus to continue working in this exciting project.

F28M36 general purpose control board

The CDA01-CU4 is a general purpose control board based on the F28M36 Concerto microcontroller from Texas Instruments for control and automation applications and, allows you to implement complex control algoritgms in any converter topology.

  • 24 ADC, 4 DAC (12bit)
  • 24 PWM + 12 Fault
  • 12 isolated digital input
  • 12 isolated digital output
  • Bridged and isolated CAN and RS-485
  • USB, Ethernet and microSD
  • RTC, EEPROM and Temperature

10 kVA, 400 V, 15 A Three phase voltage source converter

The PCO-10T800 is a versatile three phase power electronics platform allowing designers to implement the most common power converter topologies in a digital control environment. Implementable configurations include AC-DC reversible active front-end or DC-

  • 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms
  • 800 VDC
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Isolated drivers (UVLO, desat)
  • Isolated current and voltage measurements
  • Isolated I/O for external control functions
  • Power module with solder-free spring contact technology for fast and easy repair