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Programmable emulators

Ready to use emulators for energy generation (PV,Wind, Fuel-cell, ...), storage (battery, electrical vehicle, supercapacitors,...) and programmable electronics loads based on power electronics aimed to speed up your research in microgrids and renewables.

Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR)

The Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR) is a power electronic device. Connecting it in parallel with the low voltage grid provides power quality improvement: active compensation of current harmonic, reactive power and unbalance on the current demand side. At the same time, it can integrate an energy storage system, such as a battery system. Also active and reactive power can be dispatched be-cause of its 4-quadrant operation.

Starter kit

Our application oriented DSP starter kits are aimed to guide the user into the first steps on DSP control and communications applications.

Testing systems

Based on our components and systems, we can integrate to design any custom test system as regenerative EV charger test system, not only including power, but also communications testing.


We integrate our power converters, control boards and communications systems to construct bespoke cabinets for our customers’research labs (AC or DC microgrids or any other system) including digitalcontrol, industrial communications, embedded processing and automation.

Custom cabinets and systems

Our experienced team of researchers and engineerscare fully listens to, analyses, discusses and provides a solution matching ourcustomers’ needs and specifications. Our customers are entitled to monitor thewhole development and manufacturing processes.

V2G applications

Integrating EV vehicles into the grid is a majorchallenge for DSO. We offer a set of power converters specially designed for V2G applications that can be fitted in any V2G charger device.

High Current Generator System

High Current Generator System (HCGS) is a scalable system that allows the generation of DC and AC controlled large currents during a short period of time. From 1 kA onwards.