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Programmable emulators

The DS02 family of emulators is a power electronics based platform that can emulate DC and AC generation, storage, load and grid system.

This family comprises a complete set of power emulators ready to be integrated in any research microgrid to simplify and speed-up your research.

Different emulators can be managed from a unique station with the Emulation Control & Supervision software for microgrid research.

This family are able to synthesize any I-V characteristic up to 400 VAC and 750 VDC with 10 kVA, 20 kVA, 40 kVA, 60 kVA and 100 kVA power range.

It is the perfect equipment when doing research in AC and DC microgrids or testing integration of renewable energy into the grid.

The DS02 family of emulators is composed of a large set of different types of emulators and different levels of emulation. For example, PV panel, a set of PV panels or a PV system, including the PV panel and the inverter, with its MPPT, can be emulated. All the emulators include a touch screen panel to configure all the system. Also a Windows based software is included for remote monitoring and set-up. Using the Emulation Control & Supervision software, a set of emulator forming a microgrid can be managed and controlled from a single station.


Figure below shows an example of AC/DC hybrid microgrid composed of several sources, storage and load elements that can be implemented with power emulators.