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10 kVA, 800 VDC three phase voltage source converter



The teknoCEA PCO-10T800 is a versatile three phase power electronics platform allowing designers to implement the most common power converter topologies in a digital control environment. Implementable configurations: AC-DC reversible active front-end or DC-DC converter.

It is the perfect device to be used in research and development platforms since it includes all the necessary hardware to implement a 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15Armsinverter.

The converters are ready-to-use devices intended to speed-up your projects by their unique extra features such as isolated voltage sensors and relay outputs, resulting in the best choice in power converter applications research. simplifying the design and construction of research and development systems.

The control interface can be connected to any control platform.

Main features

  • Three phase voltage source converter
  • 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms
  • 800 VDC maximum voltage
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Isolated drivers (UVLO, desaturation protection)
  • Isolated current and voltage measurement
  • Isolated digital I/O for external control functions
  • Power module with solder-free spring contact technology for fast and easy repair

Application and usage

  • AC-DC active front-end (PV inverter, active filtering, V2G applications, microgrids…)
  • DC-DC converters: half bridge, H-brige, interleaved converter
  • AC motor drive


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