Programmable Emulators

Emulated energy sources, energy storage (battery, supercap, fly-wheel) and loads will speed up your research in microgrids and renewables. Emulated energy sources not only do not depend on weather conditions, but also weather conditions can be programmed by the user. Emulated PV panel can behave as different technologies of panels, with different configurations of panels, even partial shading.

Charging and discharging large batteries is a time consuming activity while degrades the performance of the battery. With a battery emulator you can change the capacity or chemistry of a battery in few seconds. Using a battery emulator can save time and money in your research.

Dissipative loads are bulky and generate heat. Electronic loads are smaller and do not dissipate heat. The energy is fed-back to the grid, increasing the efficiency of the test. Load emulators can behave as linear loads (resistors, inductor or capacitor) or as non-linear loads. They can be set as induction motor, of variable frequency drive.