Versatile 10 kVA three phase voltage source converter


PCO-10T800 PCO-10T800 PCO-10T800


The teknoCEA PCO-10T800 is a versatile three phase power electronics platform allowing designers to implement the most used power converter topologies in a digital control environment. AC-DC reversible active front-end or DC-DC converter can be implemented.

Is the perfect equipment to be used in a research and development platforms because it includes all the necessary hardware to implement a 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms inverter.

The converter is ready to be used and will speed-up your project by its unique extra features such as isolated voltage sensors and relay outputs.

The control interface can be connected to any control platform.

Main features

  • Three phase voltage source converter
  • 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms
  • 800 VDC maximum voltage
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Isolated drivers (UVLO, desaturation protection)
  • Isolated current and voltage measurement
  • Isolated digital I/O for external control functions
  • Power module with solder-free spring contact technology for fast and easy repair

Application Examples

  • AC-DC active front-end (PV inverter, active filtering, V2G applications, microgrids,...)
  • DC-DC converters: half bridge, H-brige, interleaved converter
  • AC motor drive