USB-JTAG isolated interface




The CDA03-JTAG1 is based on the isolated Texas Instruments USB-JTAG interface XDS100v1 emulator reference design. It provides isolated JTAG access to Texas Instruments JTAG based devices.

The device allows the user direct access between the host computer and the Texas Instruments JTAG devices using the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Interface.

The CDA03-JTAG1 is compatible with the free version of TI CCS 5.0 programming and debugging IDE software.

Main features

  • Isolated USB to JTAG IEEE 1149.1 interface
  • Based on XDS100v1 Texas Instruments design
  • Compatible with Code Composer Studio (v3.3 to v5)
  • USB Full Speed connection(12 Mbits/s)
  • Supports JTAG based Texas Instruments devices

Application Examples

  • Code downloading and programing for TI JTAG based devices
  • Flash programming
  • Code debugging with CCS 5.0