F28M35 Smart Grid control board




The CDA01-CU3 is a general purpose control board based on the F28M35 Concerto microcontroller from Texas Instruments for control and automation applications, and will allow you to implement complex control algorithms in any converter typology.

The board has been designed to use all the F28M35 capabilities and also to directly interface up to three PCO-10T800 three-phase, 10 kVA power converter from tekonCEA. For further information refer to teknoCEA website.

It includes all the necessary hardware for a power converter control application such as ADC, PWM, communications and digital I/O. It can be programmed and real-time debugged using CCS5 and a JTAG interface, included in the pack.

Because of its Ethernet connectivity, it can be directly used in Smart Grid applications.

Main features

  • Texas Instruments F28M35 DSP
  • Directly connected up to three PCO-10T800 power converter
  • 20 ADC analog inputs (12 bit)
  • 4 DAC analog outputs (12 bit)
  • 14 PWM outputs + 3 error inputs
  • Fiber optic PWM sync I/O
  • 8 isolated digital inputs
  • 8 isolated digital outputs
  • Bridged and isolated RS-485 and CAN
  • USB and Ethernet
  • RTC, EEPROM and microSD

Application Examples

  • Complex power converter control algorithms
  • Smart Grid applications
  • DC/DC interleaved or DC/AC converters
  • Three phase four wire applications
  • Multiphase motors
  • PTP Ethernet synchronization