F2809 general purpose control card




The CDA01-CU2 is a general purpose control board based on the TMS320F2809 DSP from Texas Instruments.

The board has been designed to control any power electronics based system, and includes all the necessary hardware for a control application: ADC, DAC, communications and digital I/O.

It can be programmed using CCS 5 and the JTAG interface.

Main features

  • Texas Instruments F2809 DSP
  • 12 analog inputs (12bit)
  • 4 analog outputs (12bit)
  • 8 PWM outputs + 2 Error inputs
  • Fiber Optic PWM sync I/O
  • 7 isolated digital inputs
  • 11 isolated digital outputs
  • RS-485
  • USB, SCI, SPI, Isolated CAN
  • RTC, 32k EEPROM, Temperature sensor, Serial Number
  • Encoder input
  • All GPIO pins accessible directly

Application Examples

  • DSP control applications
  • Power converter control
  • PWM synchronized converters