AC voltage sensor


CDA02-1000V CDA02-1000V


The CDA02-1000V isolated voltage sensor can be used to measure AC or DC voltage up to ±1000Vp-p. The input range can be adjusted. The analog output ranges from -10 V to 10 V, with a 5% accuracy and a high common-mode rejection ratio. Its design provides a high voltage isolation, up to 3000 Vdc for 1 second and 1500 Vac/50 Hz for 1 minute.

Because its compact design, can be fitted and stacked in any application. Is the perfect voltage measurement solution in switched power electronics applications that require to measure isolated voltages with high common-mode components, as renewables and motor drives.

Main features

  • ± 1000 Vpp isolated voltage measurements
  • Isolation for 1 second 3000 VDC
  • Isolation for 1 minute 1500 VAC/50 Hz
  • Configurable input voltage range and output voltage
  • High CMRR (Common-Mode Rejection Ratio)
  • Compact design

Application Examples

  • Isolated AC and DC voltage measurement with high common-mode components
  • Grid connected converters
  • Multi input - multi output converter systems