teknoCEA - Power Converters

Power Converters

Our converters can be fitted in any application because they are open to implement the most common topologies. With just one hardware setup, you can implement AC/DC or DC/DC converters of different typologies.

teknoCEA - Control and Data Acquisition

Control and Data Acquisition

teknoCEA has a set of ready to use DSP control boards based on Texas Instruments C2000 DSP family. These boards are fully populated and can be directly connected to teknoCEA power converters. The board includes extra general purpose features as digital I/O, analog I/O, CAN, USB, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, SPI, real-time clock, SD memory interface,...

teknoCEA - Programmable Emulators

Programmable Emulators

Emulated energy sources, energy storage (battery, supercap, fly-wheel) and loads will speed up your research in microgrids and renewables. Emulated energy sources not only do not depend on weather conditions, but also weather conditions can be programmed by the user. Emulated PV panel can behave as different technologies of panels, with different configurations of panels, even partial shading.

teknoCEA - DSP Starter Kits

DSP Starter Kits

New at DSP? Creating a teaching lab on DSP applied to motor control, power electronics or industrial communications? Our Application oriented DSP starter kits will guide you on the first steps on DSP control and communications applications. An introductory course with examples on DSP programming will help you.