About Us

teknoCEA is a spin-off company of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) providing custom power electronics systems and services to companies and research labs in power electronics, automation and power system. Is the result of more than 20 years experiences in power converters, DSP based digital control, industrial communications, and power systems analysis of the CITCEA-UPC research center.

Our systems are the result of years of experience of many valuable engineers developing equipment and systems for research. All this accumulated knowledge also gives us the flexibility to create new concepts and products just for you. teknoCEA engineers will listen, analyze, discuss and propose a solution for your needs. We encourage our engineers to develop innovative solutions for daily problems.

We offer a set of standard products as converters, DSP based control boards with JTAG programmers, voltage and current sensors and interface boards that can be joined together to create a complete system. We can develop the system for you following your specifications, or you can do it yourself.

Ready to use emulators for energy generation (PV, Wind, Fuel-cell, ...), storage (battery, super-cap, ...) and programmable electronics loads based on power electronics are also offered by teknoCEA. They can be the basic building blocks to test the future smart grid, which includes renewable generation, storage, consumption, sustainable mobility, TIC and management.

Worldwide energy challenge needs smart engineers to develop smart solutions with a very strong knowledge and life-long learning.