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    Official distributor of EMTP-RV in Spain and Portugal [+ info]

    EMTP-RV is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis software for power system transients. It is the perfect tool to perform analysis on:
    - Power systems design
    - Rail systems
    - Lighting and switching transients
    - Insulation coordination
    - Power Electronics, FACTS and HVDC
    - Renewable energy sources

  • Versatile 10 kVA three phase voltage source converter

    Versatile 10 kVA three phase voltage source converter

    Discover our new power converter, the PCO-10T800 [+ info]

    • 10 kVA, 400 Vrms, 15 Arms
    • Isolated drivers (UVLO, desaturation protection)
    • Isolated current and voltage measurements
    • 800 V maximum DC link voltage
    • 5 digital outputs. Relay interface
  • F28M35 general purpose control board

    F28M35 general purpose control board

    teknoCEA launches the new general purpose control board at EPE14 conference [+ info]

    The CDA01-CU3 is a general purpose control board based on the F28M35 Concerto microcontroller from Texas Instruments for control and automation applications, and will allow you to implement complex control algorithms in any converter typology implemented with the PCO-10T800 three phase, 10 kVA power converter.

  • Bidirectional battery charger for Formula Student ETSEIB Motorsport

    Bidirectional battery charger for Formula Student ETSEIB Motorsport

    We have provided ETSEIB Motorsport FS team with a 20 kW bidirectional battery charger

    ETSEIB Motorsport will have now the capability of charging and discharging the Li-po battery of the CAT09e electrical vehicle. That will increase the balancing of the cells and allows the team to verify the pack design in charging and discharging condition.

  • Power converters, DSP based control cards, HMI with industrial communications
  • Custom cabinets, Custom application systems
  • Application oriented DSP starter kits, educational test-benches
Development Systems

Development Systems

Custom power electronics cabinets and application systems, microgrids, drive test-bench, multi-terminal HVDC scale systems.



Power converters, control boards, debugging tools and isolated measurements, application oriented DSP starter kits and educational test-benches.